Are you in pain? Have you wanted to try pain Salve made with NO CBD & only essential oils. Here is a natural alternative compared to bengay or Icy-Hot.

Our custom-made Salve is made with Shea Butter Jojoba Oil, and Aloe as its base along with a special blend of essential oils not normally used in conjunction with one another, but what stands this pain salve out from the others, is that at the end of every batch made, Marty infuses the salves with healing Pranic Energy to help activate the properties of the oil.

Video Testimonial from a returning customer

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    I just had full rotator cuff and hummerus tear shoulder surgery and still have a surgery to go, but I purchased this product to try something outside of CBD.

    To say the least…. AWESOME product! Removes sharp pain and takes the edge off!!!

    Pain pills in the trash. Definitely a repurchase for me.

    Thanks - Mike. W

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    This pain relief salve is amazing! I have knee issues and have tried sooo many different balms/creams/salves on the market including ones with CBD. This one has worked wonders! I apply to both knees once a day (in the evenings) and it reduces almost all my aches! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

    Great job Marty with finding the right balance and relieving the pain I’ve lived with for so long!

    - Michelle Denny Geske

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    I have Multiple sclerosis and have tried every cream out there; none have worked as well as this salve. 

    I got almost instant pain relief when I first put it on and it absorbed great. I would recommend this salve for anyone who suffers from any kind of pain.

    - Annette Markovich